I'm a small business owner, self-employed trades person and contractor.  I understand the challenges and responsibility of having employees, of meeting payroll, drumming up work; doing estimates and more.   Having a philosophy that calls for honesty and fairness with regard for the environment that provides us with life has helped me over the years.  

Besides work, I am actively engaged in politics because democracy and protecting the things we value matter greatly to me.   An area I've devoted much time to is environment because if we take care of the environment - it will take care of us.  Sadly, we haven't done a good job on this front, but with your vote we can make positive changes; factor environment into our decisions; diversity our economy with jobs in the green energy sector making it a win-win for the environment and for our pocket book.

I've provided pictures for you so you may see that I don't just 'talk the talk' - I'm engaged in the community on many fronts attending meetings, rallies, writing letters, fundraising- all in the hopes of making Lethbridge and beyond a better world for us all.  Photo Gallery

ASSOCIATIONS I've recently been involved in:

  • GREENSENCE - Chair.  Group that advocates for
    Renewable Energy.

  • LETHBRIDGE ASTRONOMY SOCIETY - past president.  During my membership of 27 years, I helped build the Oldman River Observatory and Centre that serves S. Alberta; regarded by many to be the finest club owned centre in Canada.
  • LONDON ROAD NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOC. -  director 2016-2017.  During my term I highlighted the dire situation of our pollinators (40% wiped out worldwide; 90% Monarch butterflies now gone).  Lethbridge can greatly help in this area. 

I also advocate for Human rights (via Amnesty), Animal rights (via Mercy for Animals; PAW Society) and involved with groups working to protect the environment.

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Light pollution and Solutions: