Results were disappointing but not surprising.

Name recognition won out again - unfortunately the election turned into
a popularity contest.
We now have a full slate of people in Council who probably will never address the greatest environmental threat facing us - Climate Change.

With informed people in Council we could have been a part of the solution rather than continue being environmental Neanderthals.  That part is hard to take because environment is everything.  All of you who voted for me really understand so I hope together we can continue to bring awareness to our decision makers on the importance of protecting our environment and being part of the solution to Climate Change.

Thoughts on Social Media.   While a person running for office tries to get their message out about who they are and what they stand for, there are always a handful of people out there that do everything they can to tear you down. 
Yes we have Trolls in our midst - many of the same names I got to know in the last election.  These 'ignoramuses' (those who ignore the facts) crawl out of the woodwork every election churning out garbage, heckling, mud slinging from the sidelines at every turn making a spectator sport of democracy. All of them looking for sound bites and blood - none of them interested in getting informed about anything.  Not surprising they were at it again - Trolling through 2700 of my Twitter feeds (which deal mostly with environment);  they found 10 or so feeds in which I spoke out on what I (& countless others) see as a socetal threat to our hard won Democracy - our Western laws and values; that, being aspects of Islamic ideology and its horrific record of human rights violations. 
Of course religion and immigration were not part of municipal election issues, but these uninformed folk tried to make it so and in the process attempted to paint me as a racist; one who hates Muslims.  
It was interesting to peer into their collective mindset; similar mindset that had me labelled an 'eco-terrorist' 15 years ago because I spoke out on Climate Change.  Problem is that by the time they do become informed it'll almost be too late just as it is now with Climate Change.